Who we Are?


Our Work

(1) Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR)

This programme is implemented in the Tolon Kumbungu and Savelugu Nanton districts of the Northern region to support capacity building measures within 30 communities for the attainment of SRHR amongst women. 

(2) Agricultural Para-Extension Scheme

The main aim of this component of Simli activities is to ensure food security through sustainable agricultural practices. Agriculture is recorgnised as the main livelihoods of the people in the northern region and more especially in the rural communities that Simli is currently operating. 

(3) Water and Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Promotion

The organisation is working with rural communities to promote access to safe drinking water and sanitation as a way of ensuring good health for the population. The current strategy is working to develop local capacity to address water and sanitation needs in their communities. 

(4) Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

As part of efforts to ensure the integration of water, sanitation and hygiene in schools, Simli is working with SIMAVI to promote WASH activities in schools through football. 

(5) Para-Legal Scheme

 The goal of the Para-Legal extension model is to Design and drive a scheme that will support  communities to take up their citizenship and negotiate social justice for themselves through awareness creation of their rights and responsibilities while building their capacities to eventually secure these rights for themselves. The immediate essence is to bring justice closer to poor citizens.


(6)Food Security and Environment Programme

Through the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, the Canadian government provided a grant to enable Simli AiD to implement a project to address the food insecurity situation in the Tolon and Kumbungu districts of the Northern region. 

(7) Ending Early and Forced Girl Marriage

Simli is very instrumental in challenging the social and traditional assumptions about early marriage for girls, it has been conducting advocacy, education and awareness raising on the need to encourage girls-child education and to allow them to stay until maturity. 

(8) Challenging the Gendered Nature of Witchcraft Accusations.

Within the Ghanaian context, and the Northern Region more specifically, witchcraft cosmology has created an extensive social space for the discussion of politics, economics and wider social relations. Specifically, accusations have been used as a political tool for the marginalized to challenge inequity, elites to enforce dominant hegemony, and authorities to entrench gender hierarchies. While the belief in witchcraft.

(9) Vocational and Enterprise Development Scheme

This component is making vocational skills training available to the young one (especially girls) to enable them secure their own jobs and work towards a dignified living for themselves.

(10) REFLECT (Adult Literacy)

This constitutes the base of the work of Simli, it is a non primer form learning in which learners (mostly adults) determine their own learning curriculum, pace of learning and what benefits to be derived from the learning. 

Our Mission


Our Story


Simli AiD was set up in 2003 as a social justice organisation that exist to empower the most marginalised people in Northern Ghana to be able to eradicate poverty through education about rights and the law, assisting poor citizens to assert their rights and developing their capacity to mobilise themselves for change. One main strategy is the use of literacy tool (REFLECT) that seeks to allow citizens to determine their own learning and develop actions for poverty reduction. The principal strategy is working with communities to determine their development needs according to their own terms. 

Vision of Simli AiD


A poverty free society which enables all citizens enjoy good standard of living with equal rights and social justice.

Objectives of Simli AiD

To Create awareness about human rights and the law, build the capacities of citizens to assert their rights and access social justice and engage in campaign against social injustice.

To support the capacity building of community institutions to promote development philosophy that has long-term sustainability according to their terms.

To enable citizens to increase income, reduce poverty, and have access to basic social services and support livelihood activities including climate change mitigation and adaptation.



We are Helping to Take Action Now!

Simli AiD currently operates in nine districts of the Northern region (Tolon, Kumbungu, Karaga, Gusheigu, Zabzugu, Tatale, Savelugu, Nanton and Yendi districts) and has seven-member Board of Directors who supports in the governance of the organisation in terms of wider policy formulation and advocacy.

Ending Early and Forced Girl Marriage in Northern Ghana

Challenging the Gendered Nature of Witchcraft Accusations

Contribute to Improve Food Security in Northern Ghana

Our Hardworking Team

Mahama N. Ziblim

CEO & Program Director

Issahaku Adnan

Admin. & Finance Officer

Abukari S. Fuseini

Deputy CEO & Project Manager

Mrs. Hindu Abukari

Gender & Advocacy Officer

Volunteers Joined

640 +

Communities Events

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People Benefiting

2840 +

Women Empowered

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